Cygnet's aim is to help you improve your organisational performance and achieve your business goals by partnering with you in developing your people as leaders and managers. We help you develop a "culture of leadership" aligned with your goals.

The first thing we do is to discuss with you your organisational goals and your assessment of your needs. In some cases we will recommend working with you to clarify your strategic direction. Or we may recommend undertaking an appraisal of the leadership / management within the organisation. Or as you describe your situation, together we may be able to identify appropriate interventions. Our best contribution is made when we develop a long-term relationship with clients and get involved in a number of ways.

In a very real sense our main product is the people who work with us. They have been selected because they are wise consultants, skilled trainers and motivational coaches. Some of the building blocks we may use are listed below. We draw from our experience in these areas to design a change management or leadership development programme to serve your needs.