What makes Cygnet refreshingly different is not primarily the uniqueness of our material rather the style of our consultant-trainers. How would we describe it?

•  Fast-paced

•  Work-reality based - The principles / models we use are immediately related to the actual issues participants are facing at work. Thus is a real sense they are "working" rather than "being trained"

•  Interactive - our trainers are adept at engaging people, providing new insights and well-considered content but in the context of stimulating dialogue

•  Varied - a typical session will include:

Review of how people fared in putting into practice previous training
Problem-solving as specific issues are shared
Interactive teaching to share best practice & stimulate thinking
Individual exercises to anchor the content in the real working experience of participants
Facilitated group discussions to promote mutual learning
Plenary feedback building common ground
Personal & organisational audits of performance case studies to provide new insight from outside experience
Carefully managed role plays to practice specific skills
Affirmation of good practice, individual performance & attitudes
Incisive & developmental feedback
Specific action-planning

•  Fun - while taking participants & their work seriously, our trainers know that a little fun can greatly enhance learning

•  Relational - all our trainers are adept at getting alongside individuals.

•  Well presented