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The move from middle to senior management is a big one. There can be the temptation to stay in the comfort zone of operational management, rather than developing the strategic skills needed define the way forward for the organisation. Many also find it difficult to develop the enhanced relational and communication skills needed to align staff behind their vision and inspire peak performance, especially as seniority often severely limits the number of people able and willing to give constructive feedback on performance. At the highest level, the role of senior management can be a lonely one, especially when the key challenges lie in managing the performance of the senior team. Cygnet understands these pressures and can provide a range of support.

The use of an outside facilitator for team building and / or developing strategy can release senior managers to concentrate on the matters in hand rather than the process. A wise outsider's view can often help break an impasse in team relationships, highlight an un-addressed issue or prompt a new line of thinking. In the process, the Cygnet consultant can introduce developmental input. Cygnet can also provide one-to-one coaching to help managers develop in areas of need and explore issues they are facing.

Often there is great value in senior managers networking with others with similar roles in other non-competing organisations. Cygnet have run many Action Learning Sets for leaders of small and medium sized enterprises focusing primarily on mutual learning.