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In the business environment, personal coach-mentoring has become a valuable and significant asset to many leader-managers. At junior and middle management level, such coach-mentors can be found within the organisation. At senior levels, external coach-mentors are often needed to add that outside perspective and incisive feedback that work colleagues find hard to give.

Whatever the level of seniority, the effectiveness of the process is dependent on the leader-manager's willingness to develop and the coach-mentor's ability to facilitate, and at times direct, that individual's personal pathway.

Cygnet scores highly in this area with each of their consultants especially strong in working with individuals to achieve both personal and business goals.

Cygnet can help an organisation establish a company-wide coach-mentoring scheme, develop effective coach-mentors, and provide external coach-mentoring to middle grade leader-managers / senior level executives.

SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) is a stand-alone programme that can be especially relevant for people at points of change. It offers an opportunity for the manager to reflect on his or her life, past and present, with a view to moving forward. It uniquely brings out motivational abilities and helps the manager plot both how to maximise his or her gifts and the kind of jobs in which he or she will best function. The process is worked through with a trained consultant in a confidential and safe context. It involves four two hour sessions and some exercises in between.