Board Development
Team Building
Strategy Formulation

"Boards do not easily set themselves the sort of criteria of success that they would unhesitatingly apply to every other part of the business. Yet unless a board continuously criticises the way it is working, is clear as to what it should be seeking to achieve, and its members able to learn from each other, it is extraordinarily difficult for it to improve its performance."

(John Harvey Jones, Making it Happen)

"The best Board Members Conference Ever"; "Consultants took our requirements on board"; "Quality of consultants was outstanding"; "Consultants didn't have their own agenda but ours which makes a change!" Comments from a Housing Sector Board and Exec after Cygnet facilitated a Board Residential

In various regulated sectors, boards are increasingly being required to undertake regular reviews of their performance. Cygnet has experience of helping them reflect upon their governance practice and identify strengths and areas for development by means of written responses, individual interviews and group discussions. They have also facilitated Board Away Days focused on developing board-members skills in various areas such as team working and strategic thinking. Occasionally a wise outsider's view can break an impasse in Board relationships, highlight an un-addressed issue or prompt a new line of thinking.

Cygnet can play a similar role in developing boards in the private sector, and in addition can help equip individual directors to make the difficult move from middle to senior management.