Large Commercial - Bookpoint

Cygnet's work with Bookpoint began with helping the Chief Executive to select his Senior Management Team. This team was then provided with a programme of management development, to support them in leading the required culture change.

Cygnet then worked with Bookpoint in developing a framework of competencies for all levels of the organisation. This provided the basis for training needs analysis and a development programme for the next level in the organisation. It also provided a central element in the design of a new appraisal system. On the basis that systems are only as good as the people using them, Cygnet developed the people responsible for appraisals by focused training complemented by on the job coaching.

The need for more effective development of job-related skills was served by training all trainers in the generic skills of training. Office based staff were given specific training in customer care.

And team work throughout the organisation was enhanced by company-wide training focusing on each staff-member's place in the big team, and local training looking at the effectiveness of specific work groups.

Add in executive residentials, and targeted one to one coaching for specific managers, and it becomes clear that Cygnet has become a strategic partner in the business, able to add value by providing knowledgeable feedback on issues and options.