Cygnet exists to help other organisations achieve their goals. We do this by helping develop leadership in organisations, teams and individuals through consultancy and training, with an emphasis on building relationships of mutual trust and respect.


Genuine Commitment
•  Believe what we say
•  Practise what we preach
•  Care about our clients

Long Term Impact
•  Challenging attitudes & values, not just behaviour
•  Developing sustainable performance, not just a quick fix
•  Facilitating organisational transformation, not just compliance

Relational Influence
•  Real partnership with client organisations
•  Lively rapport with individuals and teams
•  Incisive, developmental feedback in a supportive environment

Passionate Perspective
•  Seeing the value & potential of each individual
•  Recognising the place of work and service in effective human development
•  Affirming the significance of personal responsibility