Born in the teeth of recession in 1990, Cygnet's founding directors were John Coleman, Tony Rogerson & Val Howard. With many years of organisational leadership and management training experience between them, they focused initially on the south of England, with an office base in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Cygnet was soon involved in large contracts with three major public service organisations.

The expansion of the work led to the development of a network of associates, people with experience, ability and the capacity to give commitment to Cygnet. A series of in-house development programmes ensured consistency of delivery and Cygnet's distinctive style of training emerged.

The next few years were testing but, but laid the foundation for Cygnet's current strength. Highlights were: -

Partnership with the Institute of Management (now The Chartered Management Institute) in the delivery of its Competent Manager Programme

The accrediting of Cygnet as an awarding body for many of the Institute's qualifications

A widening range of development and consultancy services

The steady building of a solid client-base with a balance of private, public and voluntary sector

A broadening geographical spread to serve clients over most of the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Northern England

The last few years have seen growth and change. Growth has included the launch of new services like our senior executive development programme and SIMA, the development of a significant client-base in the Midlands, expansion into the health sector through our purchase of Oxberry Consulting. Cygnet's current MD is Gavin Brown who now leads an Executive Team with Anne de Leyser and Mick Sital-Singh. The administrative Head Quarters is located in Loughborough, and we continue to serve clients throughout the UK